Frozen Seafood

Caudle’s offers a wide variety of frozen seafood, including I.Q.F. (Individually Quick Frozen) and I.V.P. (Individually
Vacuum Packed) products.

Alligator Meat

•Seasoned Alligator Fillet (454g) 


• Ocean Prime Basa Fillets 5-7oz (2.5lb)
• Aqua Star Breaded Basa Strips


• Ocean Prime Cooked Clam Meat (1 kg)
• FPI Breaded Clam Strips (113g)
• Ocean Prime Stuffed Clams (425g)

• Arctic Surf Clams (454g) 


• Cod Tounges
• Cod Cheeks 
• Cod Nuggets
• Potato Crusted Cod Portions
• Prime-Cut Cod Loins (6-8oz)
• Smoked Cod Fillets
• FPI Summer Crusted Cod Portions
• Mrs. Friday’s Tavern Battered Cod Portions

• Pacific Cod Loins 



• Conch Meat


• Jane’s Crab Au Gratin (113g)
• Gourmet Crab and Seafood Cakes 
• Breaded Crab Cakes Mrs. Friday’s
• Seafood Crab Cakes (Unbreaded) Mrs. Friday’s
• Comeau Gourmet Crab Cakes
• Snow Crab Cocktail Claws Fully Cooked (I.Q.F.) 
• Aqua Star Sundried Tomato Snow Crab Dip (277g)
• Dungeness Crab Whole Cooked
• Dungeness Crab Sections (currently Unavailable)
• Pacific Select Imitation Crab Meat (454g)
• Imitation King Crab Meat (500g)
• Snow Crab Meat 200g Aqua Star
• King Crab Legs (Various Sizes)
• Rock Crab Salad Meat (5lb)
• Luxury Snow Crab Combo Meat (200g) (currently unavailable)
• Snow Crab Clusters
• Aqua Star Snow Crab Cakes (3oz)
• Soft Shell Crabs (Extra Large)


• Louisiana-Style Whole Crayfish Seasoned (2lb)

• Crayfish Tail Meat (454g)



• Cleaned Whole Cuttlefish I.Q.F. 
• Cuttlefish Ink (500g)


• Escal Escargot Tray (80g)

Fish Cakes

• FPI Fish Cakes
• Aqua Star Crispy Fish Strips (400g)

Frog Legs

• Skinless Frog Legs I.Q.F. (Various Sizes)


• Mrs. Friday’s Extreme Tavern Battered
   Haddock Portions
• Mrs. Friday’s Tavern Battered Haddock Portions
• FPI Beer Battered Haddock Portions
• Haddock Loins I.Q.F. (5oz)
• Finnan Haddie
• Smoked Haddock Fillets


• Mrs. Friday’s Tavern Battered Halibut
   Sandwich Portions
• Mrs. Friday’s Tavern Battered Halibut Portions
• Halibut Cheeks (227g)
• Halibut Fletches Skinless
• Trident Pub House Battered Halibut (340g)
• Halibut Portions Skinless I.V.P. (6oz, 8oz)
• West Coast Select Smoked Halibut Sliced (200g)
• Halibut Steaks I.V.P (8oz)


• Herring Whole Canadian
• Smoked Kippers Butterflied
• Mersey Point Smoked Kippers with Butter (170g)


• Gourmet Lobster and Seafood Cakes
• Caribbean Lobster Tails (Various Sizes)
• Canadian Lobster Tails (Various Sizes)
• Lobster Meat Premium Claw and Tail (8oz)
• Lobster Meat Tins Claw and Knuckle (12oz)
• Lobster Meat Claw and Knuckle (16oz)



• Mackerel Whole Canadian
• Willy Krauch Smoked Mackerel
   - Peppered
   - Lemon Pepper


• Monkfish Tail I.Q.F.


• High Liner Mussels in Garlic Butter (454g)
• New Zealand Green Shell Mussels (907g)


• Whole Cleaned Octopus (Various Sizes)

Orange Roughy

• Orange Roughy Fillets Skinless I.Q.F.


• Chesapeake Bay Oysters on the Half Shell I.Q.F. (20pc)
• Mrs. Friday’s Gourmet Breaded Oysters


• Whole Plaice Pan-Ready I.Q.F.


• FPI English-Style Pollock Portions
• Pollock Fillets (4-6oz)
• Smoked Pollock Fillets
• Mrs. Friday’s Tavern Battered Pollock Portions


• North Atlantic Whole Prawns

Sablefish (Black Cod)

• Sablefish Portions I.V.P. (6oz)
• Sablefish Fillets I.V.P. (2-4lbs)


• Dom Cedar Planked Atlantic Salmon
   - Garlic and Herb (454g)
   - Roasted Red Red Pepper (454g)
   - Applewood Smoked (454g)
   - Lemon Dill (454g)
• Trident Pacific Salmon Burgers (318g)
• Chum Salmon Steaks I.V.P.
• Coho Salmon Portions I.V.P. (8oz)
• FPI Crusted Salmon Portions
   - Mediterranean  
• Ocean Classic Atlantic Salmon Pinwheels (170g)
   - with Crab Florentine 
   - with Lobster
   - with Spicy Crab
• Willy Krauch Smoked Atlantic Salmon Sliced (250g, 500g)
• Nanuk Smoked Coho Salmon Sliced (140g, 454g)
• Nanuk Smoked Sockeye Salmon Sliced (85g, 170g, 500g)
• West Coast Select Smoked Indian Candy Salmon (227g)
• West Coast Select Smoked Maple Salmon Nuggets (227g)
• Nanuk Sockeye Salmon Fillets I.V.P. (2-3lb)


• Portuguese Sardines Whole (750g)


• Comeau Breaded Scallops
• Ocean Classic Coquille St. Jacques (150g)
• Ocean Classic Scallop Stir Fry (454g)
• Bacon Wrapped Scallops (340g)
• Bay Scallops I.Q.F. (60-80 pc/lb)
• Sea Scallops I.Q.F. (10-20 pc/lb)
• Sea Scallops I.Q.F. (U-10 pc/lb)

Scampi Tails

• Scampi Tails Chinese I.Q.F. (16-20 pc/lb)
• Scampi Tails Iceland I.Q.F. (7-9 pc/lb) 
• Scampi Tails Icelandic I.Q.F. (9-12 pc/lb) 

Sea Bass (Chilean)

• Chilean Sea Bass Portions I.V.P. (4oz) (Currently Not Available) 

Seafood Mix

• Ocean Prime Seafood Mix (908g)
• Aqua Star Seafood Medley (340g)
• Aqua Star Shrimp and Scallop Mix (340g)


• Aqua Star Shrimp Appetizer Collection (400g)
• Aqua Star Crunchy Shrimp (340g)
• Aqua Star Coconut Breaded Butterflied Shrimp
   (340g, 640g value pack)
• Aqua Star Siracha Shrimp 340g
• Aqua Star Popcorn Shrimp (340g)
• Aqua Star Garlic and Herb Shrimp (13-15 ct) 908g
• Buttermilk Breaded Popcorn Shrimp (340g)
• Mrs. Friday’s Coconut Butterflied Shrimp (227g)
• Cooked Black Tiger Shrimp Peeled and Deveined
   Tail-On I.Q.F. (Various Sizes)
• Raw Black Tiger Shrimp Peeled and Deveined
   Tail-On I.Q.F. (Various Sizes)
• Raw Black Tiger Shrimp Shell-On E-Z Peel I.Q.F.
   (Various Sizes)
• Cooked White Pacific Shrimp Peeled and Deveined
   I.Q.F. (Various Sizes)
• Raw White Pacific Shrimp Peeled and Deveined
   I.Q.F. (Various Sizes)
• Raw White Pacific Shrimp Shell-On E-Z Peel
   I.Q.F. (Various Sizes)
• Raw Green Tiger Shrimp Shell-On E-Z Peel
   (Various Sizes)
• North Atlantic Ice Shrimp Cooked I.Q.F.
• Butterflied Garlic and Herb Marinated Shrimp
   (Various Sizes)
• U.S. Gulf Shrimp (Various Sizes)
• FPI Wonton Shrimp with Crispy Spring Roll Coating (227g)
• Tastee Choice Instant Shrimp Meals (680g)
   - Basmati
   - Italian
   - Primavera
   - Asian


• Lake Smelts Cleaned I.Q.F. (454g)
• Lake Smelts Battered I.Q.F. (454g)
• Sea Smelts Cleaned I.Q.F. (454g)


• FPI Almond Crusted Sole Fillets
• Trident Breaded Sole Fillets (340g)
• FPI Breaded Sole Fillets
• FPI Breaded Sole Fingers
• Skinless Sole Fillets 5-7oz (908g)
• FPI Sole Lemon Pepper Crusted Fillets
• Ocean Classic Sole Pinwheel with King Crab
   and Cream Cheese (170g)

Squid (Calamari) 

• Aqua Star Crispy Breaded Calamari Rings (340g)
• Aqua Star Calamari Rings (340g)
• Aqua Star Garlic and Herb Calamari Curls (340g)
• Whole California Squid (1kg)
• Ocean Prime Squid Rings (908g)
• Ocean Prime Breaded Squid Rings (908g)
• Squid Tubes Cleaned I.Q.F. 
• Whole Cleaned Squid 


• California Roll 15 pc (318g)
• Seattle Roll 15 pc (318g)
• Shrimp and Avocado Roll 15 pc (318g)
• Spicy Imitation Crab Roll 15 pc (318g)
• Vegetarian Roll 15 pc (318g)
• Smoked Sockeye Salmon and Cream Cheese Roll
   15 pc (318g)


• Swordfish Portions (6oz) 


• Chili Lime Crusted Tilapia Fillets
• Coconut Crusted Tilapia Fillets
• Skinless Tilapia Fillets (680g)
• Garlic and Herb Tilapia Fillets
• Trident Panko Breaded Tilapia (340g)
• Tilapia Pinwheels with Spicy Salmon (2 x 170g)
• Tortilla Crusted Salmon Fillets



• Yellow Fin (Ahi) Tuna Portions I.V.P. (6oz)
• Nanuk Smoked Yellow Fin Tuna Sliced (200g) 


• Turbot Fillets Skinless 


• Whitefish Fillets I.Q.F.

Yellow Perch

• Yellow Perch Fillets I.Q.F.